Getting Started

Getting started in Archery  with Liffey Archers is  an easy process full of fun.


Starting a Beginners  Course

The first thing to do is to attend our 6-week Beginners  Course. The courses are run every 8 weeks.

The course is run on a Monday night in The Kings Hospital School Sports Hall, Palmerstown.

All the equipment is provided for you. Bow, arrows, finger tabs, arm guards and quiver.

All you need to do is turn up,

What happens next

Once you have completed the Beginners Course and your coach awards you with your certificate of Competence you can then join our archery family. To join our archery family you will need to become a member of Liffey Archers and Archery Ireland.

Once you complete your Beginners Course your training does not end. We are always learning and improving our archery skills by watching others and asking questions. You will always find fellow archers willing to help you in any way they can.  As a member of Liffey Archers you can now train in any Archery Ireland club. All clubs details can be found on Archery Irelands website.

Getting your own equipment

Before you go looking for your own Archery equipment we recommend that you speak to your coaches and they will guide you.  We will be launching a Bow rental scheme in the coming months. This way you can try out a bow for a while to see what suits you before purchasing your own.

Come down and check us out.  See why we enjoy it so much.

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