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Liffey Archers the story so far…


It all started back in 2010.    Always looking for ways to develop the sport of archery and bring it to the wider community. It was suggested that a group of archers should set up a new archery club to accommodate the anticipated growth of archery.

From that moment on Stephen Shortt, Sarah Dunne, Mark Byrne , Robert Shannon and I, James Galvin set about creating a new archery club.  Which became Liffey Archers.

The club name is a tribute to our city and the school where we are located.

The grounds of Kings Hospital School where the River Liffey runs through.

Kings Hospital is no stranger to archery.  A former student of the school  Rachel Dorothy May Atwell  represented Team GB in the  XXI Olympiad, Montreal 1976.

On 9th. Jan 2011 we opened our doors for the first time with our five founding members and invited guests.   Slowly we began to grow and get our name out there.   In the summer  of 2011 the  All Ireland Target Archery Championships were held in the grounds of Kings Hospital.  Not bad for a club only six months old.

Around the same time we started our Beginners Course program that has brought many new people into the world of archery. Once you start archery you many not be able to stop.    We now have a membership of 40 and it keeps growing.

In 2013 our next step was to get out there and compete with our fellow archers from around the country.  We did this with great success.  Coming back with medals on many occasions.    No matter how we perform we always come away from competitions with our heads held high and a smile on our faces.

In Sept. 2013 two of our archers reached the final of the National Series.

The most important part of being a Liffey Archer is that you enjoy the sport of archery and be there for your fellow archers.  If you want to compete or just shoot your arrows on training night we encourage and support you all the way.

In Jan. 2014 we sent six archers to the Indoor Archery World Cup in Telford, U.K.

If you want to be part of the Liffey Archers family please drop down to one of our training sessions and check us out.   If you are a first time archery or an experienced archer all are welcome.

Join us and be part of the Liffey Archers next chapter.

James Galvin

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