Safety Rules

Safety Rules 


  1. Before shooting may commence a Field Captain must be appointed. Should the shooting area be so large as to prevent the Field Captain from observing the entire area then a number of assistants may be appointed to assist the Field Captain Rule 3 will still apply
  1. The Field Captain may be a shooting or a non-shooting member.
  1. The Field Captain is the only person who may allow shooting to commence or allow anyone to cross the shooting line when shooting has been completed.
  1. When all archers have shot the Field Captain will sound a whistle and call: “All Shot – Collect your arrows”. Only then may people cross the shooting line.
  1. In the event of an emergency the Field Captain will sound a long whistle blast and all archers must “let down” their bows and remove any nocked arrows. Nobody may cross the shooting line until the Field Captain has announced that it is safe to do so.
  1. Should any member perceive an emergency situation then they must shout out a warning. All archers must comply as with rule 5.
  1. A shooting line will be defined and marked out. Persons may only cross this line, or extensions thereof as laid down in rules 4 and 5.
  1. The Field Captain will signify that shooting may commence as follows:-

whistlewhistle  —  Two whistles signal that the archer can come to the shooting line.

whistle  —  One whistle means that the archer may nock their arrow and begin shooting.

whistlewhistlewhistle—  Three whistles signal archers to stop shooting and retrieve arrows.

whistlewhistlewhistlewhistlewhistlewhistlewhistle—  Multiple long whistles mean that all archers should stop shooting immediately for safety reasons.

Arrows may not be placed in or near the bows until the first whistle signal is given. Loaded bows must not be drawn until the second whistle signal is given. When the end is completed, 3 arrows indoors and 6 arrows outdoors, three blasts on the whistle will be given. This is the signal for all archers to leave the shooting line and proceed to the targets to score and collect their arrows.

  1. Bows must not be loaded unless the archer is on the shooting line and rule applies.
  1. Bows must be loaded facing the targets, so that at no time during the loading will the arrow point towards or near any person.
  1. No person may lean across the shooting- line so as to place him/her self in danger.
  1. Anyone removing an arrow from a target must ensure that nobody is standing so close behind them that the action of removing the arrow may cause injury to themselves or others. Likewise, no one must stand behind anybody removing arrows, such that they may be struck by said arrow.
  1. Persons on or near the shooting line must avoid distracting archers. Should any archer have a complaint in this regard, it should be addressed to the Field Captain or any committee member.
  1. New members and beginners must, before being allowed to hold a bow, or step near the shooting line for the first time, be informed of the meaning of the whistle signals and the meanings of rules 8, 9 and 10. The instructor or Field Captain should do this.
  1. The Field Captain may, if necessary, limit the number of archers on the shooting line if he or she considers it overcrowded. The Field Captain may introduce the A, B, C, D system if necessary or change target assignments with the agreement of the archers.
  1. The Field Captain must satisfy him/herself that the area in which the shooting is to take place is clear of all persons and animals, as appropriate. The Field Captain will signify that shooting may commence by sounding a whistle as per rule 8.
  1. The Field Captain must halt shooting immediately if any person crosses the shooting line
  1. The Field Captain must ensure that all archers on the shooting line have finished shooting before sounding the “All Shot, Collect your Arrows” signal.
  1. Where an instructor is on the shooting line, he/she must signal the Field Captain that the archer under instruction has completed his/her shooting.
  1. The Field Captain must ensure that, in the event of rule 5 applying all archers on the shooting line have “let down” their bows and removed their arrows before allowing any person to cross the shooting line.

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